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Published: January 10, 2022

Unattended Death Cleaning

Sudden death is something that no one is prepared to face, especially when a loved dies suddenly and alone. An unattended death can bring added distress at an already upsetting time.

An unexpected loss of a loved one is not something a family can prepare for emotionally, and it can come with some difficult realities in cleaning up the affected areas.

What does a dead body smell like?
If you have never been around a dead body before, nothing can prepare you for the lingering putrid odour.

When someone dies, the decomposition process begins immediately, and the smell of death can begin.

The body will begin to emit various gases created by microorganisms during the stages of decomposition.

In addition to the extremely unpleasant odour, body decomposition fluids can permeate porous materials, which can include carpet, subflooring, walls, concrete, causing a smell that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning methods.


Because a body begins decomposing immediately after death, biological hazards can damage personal belongings and a building’s structure, as fluids and odours permeate all porous materials.

Attempting to clean the scene is extremely dangerous due to the various gases, bacteria and microorganisms present and should be left to a professional crime scene and trauma clean up company.

The smell of death can linger for some time, so a professional’s help is needed.

When you’re coping with the death of a friend or loved one, or are dealing with a traumatic event, surrounding yourself with people who care makes a big difference.

That compassion extends to the clean up technicians, who should treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve.

Having a service that goes above and beyond professionalism with empathy toward your situation can make managing the after effects of the loss a bit easier.

Fitz2Kleen’s trauma cleaning team protects your family’s health by cleaning and disinfecting the site as soon as possible so the grieving family can safely enter the residence and begin the healing process.

We restore the environment to a safe condition by removing affected structural elements, and ensuring that no residual chemicals, bacteria, or microorganisms remain behind.


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